We will find the right business property for you!

Market analysis

We analyse and screen the market.


We advise you on your needs.


We support you until the conclusion of the contract.

Our Services


With our valuation process, we support you in a structured manner through the decision-making process with regard to your existing property compared to alternative commercial properties. We compare economic and qualitative decision-making criteria.

Analysis of your status quo + needs assessment

  • Verification of space quality
  • Determination of space requirements
  • Definition of selection criteria
  • Cost estimate (deconstruction/renovation)
  • OUTCOME: Individual arrangement of your requirement

Market screening

  • Creation of a long list
  • Creation of a short list
  • Scoring procedure
  • Comparative object matrix
  • Ranking according to scores
  • OUTCOME: Harmonised short list

Development of the short list

  • Preparation of space plans
  • Space efficiency comparison
  • Review of building services (due diligence)
  • Planning of viewing tour
  • OUTCOME: Requirements catalog for inquiries from rental conditions

Requesting rental quotes

  • Review of the requirements for the providers
  • Visit appointments with the providers
  • Checking and evaluating offers
  • Arrange negotiation appointments
  • OUTCOME: Basis for negotiation of rental offers

Negotiation of the rental offer + decision

  • Full cost calculations
  • Presentation of the results
  • Negotiation rounds
  • OUTCOME: Solid basis for decision-making & signing of lease contract

Your benefits

  • Structured, holistic approach
  • Involvement of architects
  • Solide decision-making / cost reliability
  • Time saving
  • Optimal negotiation results
  • Revision security
  • Cooperation with lawyers (tenancy law)

BERATUNG & Lock-in vs. Move

Mit der "Lock-in vs. Move"-Analyse bieten wir Ihnen einen strukturierten, durch Architekten begleiteten Vergleichsprozess. Dabei wird der Verbleib in Ihrer Bestandsimobilie mit dem Umzug in ein alternatives Mietobjekt qualitativ und wirtschaftlich gegenübergestellt.

OUR Team

Dennis Lang

Managing Director / Shareholder


With a background in business administration, Dennis has been involved in the procurement of goods, services and construction & infrastructure projects since 1999. He has extensive knowledge and experience, which he gained in several international corporations in executive positions. This broad setup enables him to grasp the needs of Quintus one GmbH's customers and to develop a specifically tailored solution.

Stephan Riedel



As a business graduate, Stephan has gained extensive experience at leading auditing firms. In the process, he had deepened his knowledge in the area of taxes as part of the tax advisor exam. Stephan decided to work on complex financial projects for leading industrial groups. In the course of several due diligences he had broadened and deepened his passion for the field of real estate.

Dr. Christian Hintze



Christian is a natural scientist. He gained experience in successfully combining the interests of different partners in a sales-oriented manner in various pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies since 2007. His multifaceted expertise is an integral part of Quintus one GmbH.

Andreas Fertig



Andreas is a long-standing strategic buyer with a technical and business management background for various goods and services as well as construction and infrastructure projects. He specialises in contract negotiation and drafting as well as in the area of sector regulation.

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